History of these pages

I initially started Steamloco.info started as a personal hobby project. I had multiple objectives: learn HTML and PHP and collect information concering preserved steamlocomotives.

On the internet a wide variety of templates, tools and guidelines can be found to build your own website. I tried to minimize the use of tooling to gain as much knowledge as possible in the limited time I had.

Fact is that this approach led to a working website, but also was on 'web 1.0'-level. Therefore I started with version 2 of this site.

The set-up is more logical, interaction with users is now available. I also introduced a similar site for dieselengines. The diesel locomotive is also treasured by many as they made a crucial change in railroad history.

The table will give an overview of the latest updates on this site.


May 11, 2011The first entry in the changelog of the original site: Continents Africa and Oceania were made available!
March, 1, 2018Diesellocomotive.info enriched with first update of information.
January 17, 2021Mayor technical update. Diesellocomotive.info is now in line with steamloco.info.
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